mod-pagespeed review

before mod_pagespeed

before mod-pagespeed

after mod_pagespeed

after mod-pagespeed

At Townend we tested mod-pagespeed, the new module from Google, and found an average 20% speed improvement across the sites we tested. As expected, there’s little performance gain on already heavily optimised code but the slightly scrappier code on this website produced the highest gain in speed of 33.6%.

Read our full review of mod-pagespeed here.

Update – since we wrote the review, the module has been causing random crashes so we have temporarily disabled it while we investigate further to avoid any downtime.

4 thoughts on “mod-pagespeed review

  1. Shawn L

    Congrats from the mod_pagespeed team for your successful speedups! We love to see independent testing of real sites in the wild.

    As for your instability, have you upgraded to the latest release:

    Please stay in contact at and log any bugs at

    We really appreciate the feedback while we work out all the wrinkles in our module.

  2. Andem

    Hey Edward,

    Excellent improvements! I also had a similar issue with the production server I was testing on and it killed my server within an hour or less. That was on Nov 2.

    How is it working out for you now after you’ve upgraded to the latest code?

    1. Edward Townend Post author

      Hi Andrem, upgrading to the latest code did fix the crashes, but I very quickly had a client on the phone complaining that their Concrete5 install had broken, even after clearing the cache. I didn’t play long because their website needed to be up but it seemed that the process that put the javascript inline was messing it up somehow as javascript ended up on the page. Can’t really risk downtime so I’m planning to set up a development server for playing with 🙂

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