Edward Townend
Hi, I'm Edward Townend and I jump a lot Hello, I'm Edward Townend and I'm a freelance Graphic Designer based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. I've studied National Diploma Art and Design at Barnsley College, choosing to specialise in Graphics in the second year. At the same time I took A Level Computing, not an advised comination of courses due to the workload!

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In my spare time I enjoy shooting anything that moves (or indeed anything that doesn't move) with my Canon 400D. A better place to have a look at some of my favourite photos would be my flickr profile. I publish all my photos under a Creative Commons license to allow others to use my images.

Live Jobs
Angel Eyes Logo Angel Eyes Book Cover Throughout the year various businesses and individuals approached the Graphics department with work briefs. Usually from the group's efforts a winner would be chosen.

From top down:

Angel Eyes Photography - This client wanted a logo and book cover for her portfolio. After considering the workflow of a photographer, I decided to amalgamate the photographers' eye and lens into a single graphic element. This was simplified to produce the logo you see here.

Barnsley and District Referees Association - These wanted a magazine cover and letterhead to celebrate their centenary. The golden hues of the image on the cover symbolise the 100 years of the organisation, while the solid, no frills typography conveyed the values Referees uphold.

Friends of the Cooper Gallery - Wanted a logo and leaflet to advertise their organisation. I chose to mimic the Art Deco styling of the Cooper Gallery building.

South Yorkshire Police - These wanted a motto and accompanying poster for their 'Safe, Sensible and Responsible Drinking' campaign. I tried to illustrate in a comic style that the more it drinks, the sadder the character becomes.

Barnsley and District Referees Association Cover Barnsley and District Referees Association Letterhead
Friends of the Cooper Gallery Logo Friends of the Cooper Gallery outfold Freinds of the Cooper Gallery infold
Police Safe, Sensible and Resposible Drinking poster
Twenty by Edward Townend typeface Helvetidoodle By Ed T typeface  

The first assignment of the year was to produce a typeface celebrating the 20th edition of a concept typeface magazine. I tried to echo the number 20 in my typeface, with each character being constructed from distortion of the number 2 and also 0.

Helvetidoodle is a font I made in my spare time, inspired (but not copied!) from a famous font we all know. It can be downloaded free for both personal and commercial use.

Web Design
Townend Photography Logo Townend Photography Website   With the aim of the project to produce a personal website with its own brand identity, I set out to make an online portfolio of my own photography work.

I looked at the workflow of a photographer for inspiration, which flows from subject to eye, to lens, to camera, to computer, to monitor or printer. I decided to combine the eye and lens to make my logo.

You can explore the entire website portfolio in a pop-up by clicking the screenshot.

The Final Major Project is an open brief where the student decides on their own project. I chose to make a website for the Cooper Gallery in Barnsley Town Centre, as I noticed whilst working on the Friends of the Cooper Gallery project (in Live Briefs) that it does not have one.

After determining that the most important factor in a public attractions' website is that it is often updated, I decided to make it as easy as possible to add news to the site. This was achieved by creating a custom PHP script which writes to a MySQL database. The result of this is that news articles can be easily added from within the website anywhere in the World without any programming knowledge.
Cooper Gallery Website    
The Life of Edward Townend Cover Edward Townend: Parents Edward Townend: Puffin My group was assigned the task of producing an illustrated book about ourselves. I chose to emulate Julian Opie's style of digital illustration. Using a Wacom Intuos3 tablet and Adobe Illustrator, I traced photographs relevant to my past, sampling colours from the photographs themselves.

Take a quick guided tour through my life!

Edward Townend and Lee Winslow Edward Townend: Catti Edward Townend and Ashley Bentley
Edward Townend: School Friends Edward Townend: Prom Edward Townend: Riding
Edward Townend: With Horse Edward Townend: At the Pub with Sean Edward Townend: With Rocky
Edward Townend: Back Cover    
Packaging Design
Ted Baker: Female Bag Ted Baker: Male Bag Ted Baker Poster

The brief was to design a range of packaging for the fashion brand Ted Baker that was environmentally friendly without losing the traditional brand values.

I attempted to make my bag repurposable, so had the idea of integrating a clothes hanger into the handle. This allows the customer to hang their new garments up straight after getting them home, both removing the common problem of finding a hanger and also disposing of the bag.

For the design I decided to stay with natural canvas shades, with the illustration inspired by the album art of 'Nice and Nicely Done' by The Spinto Band.
Personal Identity
Edward Townend does Design Business Card Edward Townend does Design compliments slip Edward Townend does design letterhead

For my visual identity I decided to distinguish myself from the competition with a bright, digital comic-book style. This style, borrowed from the artist Julian Opie (best known for his work on Blur's 'Best Of' album cover) was also followed in my 'Book of Ed'.

Eight years ago I bought Blur's album simply because I was attracted to its artwork, I didn't really know what Blur even sounded like at the time.